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I'm Manu, creator of Algochurn. I've been working on something cool and wanted to share a sneak peak with y'all before doing a public launch.

Let's be real. CSS is tricky. It's relatively easy to get started, tweaking typography styles and moving things around. But real-world projects are never that straightforward, and things get complex fast. If you struggle with misaligned elements and inconsistent spacing, you are not alone.

Designers trust us web developers to faithfully implement their vision from their mockups. Pixel perfect layouts require an eye for detail and an understanding of advanced techniques.

Pixel Perfect

Introducing Pixel Perfect! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer looking to level up, our comprehensive set of questions will empower you to create stunning, pixel-perfect websites. Join the waitlist below to embark on a journey to pixel-perfection!

Prepare for front-end interviews like never before. Practice from a rich set of real-world questions and get better at building layouts the way it's supposed to be, pixel-perfect.